Applying to be a part of something is a frightening thing. Usually when you apply somewhere, it is because you need something from them and you want to show them what you have to make them think they need you. It is bad enough when you are applying for a job and need the salary, but it can get sad on a different level when you apply for an organisation in a video game. It gets sadder still if the said video game will probably be in development for the next couple of years. This was what was on my mind when I was considering applying for membership to the Intersun Aerospace Corporation to play Star Citizen with them.

Needless to say, I went ahead with their easy 3 step application process and am now waiting to hear their response. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I started looking for an organisation in the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen, but as someone who bought a 75$ digital spaceship for a game that is in a PreAlpha phase, I had a feeling I had to be in one. It turns out that there are a lot of organisations that are looking for members and they are already in some form of competition as they try to differentiate themselves from the rest. It’s kind of like the student clubs trying to attract the freshmen in their orientation days in a university but they also get to ask you to fill out a 3 page google form and decide whether you can join or not. I looked around for a while, checked the filtering system at RSI and went through the organisations’ recruitment messages on the forums and decided on INSUN for now. Hopefully, I’ll make the cut and shelf this looking for people to play with thing for a long time but it’s somewhat comforting that there are 26418 organisation that are currently listed on the RSI website.