I started to look for a job roughly 5 months ago. I knew the moment of truth, when I will need to earn money to survive, was coming but it was still a ways off and BlizzCon was coming up so I didn’t really put any effort into it. I asked some friends working in or closely with the IT industry in Istanbul about decent companies to send my resume, I applied one of them and flew to LA shortly after. Nothing came out of it, and I kept the low alert scanning for jobs status intact. I met an old friend of mine from World of Warcraft to discuss my potential involvement in her husband’s business but aside from confirming that they are awesome people in real life, nothing came out of it either.

Fast forward a couple of months, in mid January 2015, I decided to step it up a little bit and started looking for opportunities myself. At this point I realised that my paperwork as a citizen was in shambles as I lost my ID card some months ago, my status with the compulsory military service was undocumented and I started to sort them out. In 1.5 weeks time, I was more or less ready to be able to properly apply to job postings. I sent one away in January 26th, and was rather hopeful about that one. And then I stopped and waited, until this week.

This week, I felt desperation seeping in and it jumpstarted things. I started writing this blog (advertising it will require a lot more willpower - having it online will have to do for now) and decided on a spray and pray strategy for the job hunt. Observing the changes in my daily life, even with the incredibly mundane tasks of gathering paperwork, was encouraging. I even told a friend, who took note of the changes, that I might be growing up a little. Even considering the 3 weeks of downtime I had for no apparent reason, I’m hopeful about my chances of making it in real life.

Update (2015-02-24): I’m no longer hopeful. Nothing to see here, no application sprees, move along.