I use twitter mainly to look for content and track people whose content I enjoyed before. I rarely use it as a communication tool but some people do it all the time. They even share their friends’ content as well as their own. Strange things happen when I happen to like some content by such a person: I follow them, I follow their friends, I follow their friends’ friends and then, they start talking to each other.

Following a circle of friends, with their endless subtweets, inside jokes, common interests etc. can be exhausting. Twitter ui usually does a good enough job to make it bearable and enables me to sift through conversations on my feed and learn more about these people, put their content in a more intimate context. It also reminds me that the connections people have over virtual spaces are very real and helped me evolve my opinions on trolling.

The first circle of friends I encountered was a bunch of web designers/developers who met around a decade ago at SXSW and online, and pushed for web standards, progressive enhancement, responsive web design, better content strategy etc. I started following them when I was taking an introduction to web design class and I even ended up at a conference in late 2011 where some of these people were attending/presenting. I didn’t talk to any of them. I pruned my following-list, some months after the conference, after I read about a discussion, which I wasn’t even sure if it was serious, about the moon landing conspiracy theories. I was following them mainly for their professional work and as there are some people you’d rather not work with, moon landing conspiracies proved too much for me to follow.

After the first one, I usually kept a circle of friends in my twitter feed. They came from a lot of different backgrounds (Dota 2 players, foreign journalists in Turkey etc.) but I ended up keeping some and moving on to the next to keep my feed tidy. The one which prompted this blog post is the latest. I started following some InfoSec people and I came to this last one:

They seem like nice people who are into gaming, programming, robots, jrpgs, magic, anime and they use twitter a lot. This is the first time I follow such an active group of friends whose hobbies are so similar to mine. I wonder how this will turn out.